NWA Campus Uniform Pop-Up Shops

LISA Academy and our uniform partner company, The Toggery, will be hosting pop-up shops at our NWA campus! Student uniforms will be available for purchase at the following times/locations:
Monday, May 8th
  • 8:00am -12:00 noon at LISA Rogers-Bentonville 
  • 1:00pm-4:00pm at LISA Springdale
Tuesday, June 5th
  • 10:00am-3:00pm at LISA Rogers-Bentonville
Wednesday, June 6th
  • 10:00am-3:00pm at LISA Springdale
At any time, LISA Academy uniforms may be ordered online through The Toggery, a Little Rock-based uniform company.
As of June 1, 2023 uniforms are $22 for youth sizes and $25 for adult sizes.
Please order the following colored polos for your student's grade level:
  • Kindergarten-5th grade: Red polos
  • 6-8th grade: Gray polos
  • 9-12th grade: Blue polos
  • Hybrid students: Light blue polos
For more information see lisaacademy.org/apps/pages/Uniforms
View the uniform size equivalency chart here